The Different Shades of a Northmist Man

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Colors are very specific to your mood.

On days when you want to look your professional best, you might pick up a crisp white t-shirt from your wardrobe and pair it up with a blue denim, ready to take on the world. But for casual friday night out when you want to have a good time, surely enough you ditch the white and stick to more appealing colors!

A balanced wardrobe speaks a lot about your character and gives you the freedom to explore your individuality.

But sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain that perfect balance. Especially for a man, when you have been shoved to one extreme of the spectrum for most of your life you tend to make a home there.

However, we at Northmist don’t quite agree. Why let a specific shade define your personality when you can live your life in multicolor?

The Northmist Man is exactly that. His clothes are very specific to his mood. He chooses what he wishes to wear. He doesn’t stick to a color code or social norm for that matter. He radiates his energy wherever he goes and makes a statement with his clothes!

Here are the colors we chose, keeping in mind the reflection of a Northmist Man.

Basic Crew Neck Cuts for an everyday look

Our Ludic Yellow crew neck tee is a perfect fit for the summer day. This beautiful shade of yellow was handpicked to bring out the spontaneous and relaxed side of the Northminst Man.

On the other hand we have our Bare Black round neck t-shirt.This quintessential black tee needs no introduction. Made for a fun night out, it is a must have in every modern man’s wardrobe.

Next up is our Meticulous Maroon t-shirt. For the days when you need to be on your creative best you need a t-shirt that inspires productivity. This color is chosen to do exactly that. Bring out the Northmist Man in you with this beautiful shade of maroon!

He who doesn’t seem to be a part of this world but very much is! This Ethereal Grey round neck t-shirt shows the Northmist Man’s exquisite side. You know you’re different, it’s time you show it to the world.

Bring out your adventurous side with our Explorer Blue crew neck t-shirt. Go seek out a world full of opportunities with this confident color that shows you’re not afraid to take a risk or two.

Our last round neck tee perfectly fits its name. Lagom White- not too much, not too little, it’s just right! Wear it on a casual friday or pair it up with a blazer for a monday meeting, our Lagom white tee is styled to make heads turn at every occasion.

Perfect Polo T-shirts that make a mark!

First up from our collection of polo t-shirts is a personal favorite. Dalisay Purple collar neck t-shirt is the perfect shade to suit your unique, true self. Much like the word itself, this color enhances your individuality.

Can you even do without a little bit of green in your closet? The Meraki green from our polo collection is perfectly fitted to bring in life to your routine days. The subtle color gives soul and creativity to your attire and exhibits your originality.

The most passionate color in the collection, the Passion Black polo tee is a style statement to say the least. A color as strong as this, you are sure to make people stop in their way!

This Marvellous Yellow polo t-shirt is a pure stunner. The exquisite color perfectly represents your playful and fun mood. Made for a spring day, it is sure to lift your spirits.

The creator of all things that is beautiful. Pure and genuine, the Kalon White polo t-shirt gives out an authentic surreal look.

Break free of all the stereotypes. Alphas Pink was specially selected as part of the polo t-shirt collection to embrace all shades of the Northmist Man. Lose all inhibitions and wear your pride on your sleeves with our lovely shade of pink polo.

Predominantly, men have been wearing darker shades of clothing, no matter the occasion! Slowly but surely this is changing. Men have become more open towards a wide range of color palette and that is how it should be.

At Northmist, we explore every side of the modern day man. We bring out his different emotions, moods and shades by giving all of these sentiments character and color.

All these colors signify his personality through and through. He blends into each shade like his own and is not afraid to wear his thoughts and emotions on his sleeves.

So we urge you too, to find your individuality through colors. You never know which shade embodies your personality.

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