Twilight Turquoise Organic Polo Neck T-Shirt

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Wake up to a calm Turquoise day to see the best moment of the day for reflection, the twilight.

    Twilight Turquoise Organic Polo T-shirt
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    Twilight Turquoise Organic Polo Neck T-Shirt

    Handpicked Cotton

    Our handpicked organic cotton reduces damage to the fibers and due to the longer staples, yarns don't protrude easily .

    Densely Knit

    The t-shirts are constructed using the finest quality densely knit yarn. This ensures a compact composition, more stability and super finish.

    Zero Shrinkage

    We want what you see to be what you get, with no suprises when you take our tees home. All our t-shirts are pre-shrunk.

    What's in the Tee?

    This t-shirt is symbolises 100% your love to yourself and for the nature. We call it thoughtful clothing.

    Densely Knit

    finest quality densely knit yarn ensure a compact composition ans more stability.

    Coconut Shell Buttons

    Hard and sturdy ccoconut shell buttons, that are 100% decomposable.

    Certified Organic Cotton

    The cotton we use to design our t-shirt is GOTS certified 100% organic cotton.

    Skin friendly dyes

    AZO free dues do not bcontain corcinnogenic whichb help prevent rashes, skin information, dizziness.