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From Field to Finished Product

Every piece of our apparel is made out of cotton nurtured with love and care, straight from the organic farms of India to give you the best in organic clothing. We take great pride in being one of the few specially conscious brands and we ensure that all our suppliers are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Why organic clothing?

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Handpicked Cotton

Our organic cotton is handpicked, which reduces damage to the filers. The staples are long and are less prone to breakage when used regularly. The yarns don’t protrude either, further ensuring a longer shelf life.

Densely Knit

Our t-shirts are constructed using the finest quality yarn, which are densely knit. This ensures compact composition and more stability for the t-shirts. The reduced space between the fabric gives the t-shirts a superior finish.

Zero Shrinkage

All our t-shirts are pre-shrunk. The fabric is shrunk to its maximum capacity, ensuring that it wouldn’t shrink anymore on regular use and wash.

Super Soft Fabric

Every t-shirt produced at Northmist has an excellent hand feel. The use of high-quality yarns ensures that each t-shirt feels soft and comfortable on the skin. The t-shirt can be worn for long hours.

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