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Why we started Northmist

We take from nature, but we don’t give anything back. The soul calls for duty, but no one cares. One step in the right direction can make a change, but no one understands. Everyone waits, but no one responds. Still, we can! In a world of fashion, everyone strives to find their best fit of self-representation, while we represent everyone and everything around. We believe that every product we deliver should bear a signature of responsibility towards building a sustainable future. With organic cotton, grown without any synthetics, we design clothes to take less and give more. We are Northmist, believing in the power of one.

Our Mission

By sharing ideas with the world that will matter the most for generations to come, we are looking at a future where sustainable clothing and lifestyles that are eco-friendly, will form the new vogue.

Our Vision

Every step that we deem as insignificant can lead to changes that can impact millions around the world. By being conscious of our approach and usage of everyday products, the world can be a better place. Little drops make the mighty ocean!

Our Promise

Be thoughtful and responsible. We have to keep the world habitable! We wish to weave a brand that represents more than just fashion in the industry. Every thought is a step forward because we believe, thoughts have the power to manifest. When there is responsibility inside, it shines as thought-provoking actions on the outside. The world needs inspiration. The world needs to breathe, and for that, we should all be joining hands. Right from the primary stages of paying fair wages to the farmers, to the end where our products get delivered to the customers, we have no other alternatives but the right way. Everything is organic and the reason: The world needs us, and we need the world.

Why NorthMist

NorthMist t-shirt symbolises your love to yourself and for the nature.
We call it thoughtful clothing.

Timeless design

We create timeless aesthetics with fine quality.

Comfort clothing

We focus on comfort without compromising on the concept of sustainability in fashion.

Honest prices

We follow a simple policy of transparency in pricing and ensure that our products are ethically priced.

Nature's welfare

We prefer to use nature-friendly materials, and as a brand we stand for nature’s welfare.

Customer consious

Customers are our first priority. We only use 100% organic certified cotton, grown without the use of any synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides.