Beautiful Fashion Should Not Cost the Earth

Times have changed and everyone wants to be in the present – in the new. Keeping up to the latest trends be it food, fashion or even endorsing a community campaign is now the order of the day.

So much so for clothes as well. And it is not just the women, it the men who have their say too. With sustainability on the agenda and an integral part of the Sustainable Millennium Development Goals, the world is moving towards greener initiatives.

Reducing pollution in the form of carbon miles, online transactions – shopping and payments, shipments closer to the source, opting for electronic vehicles and other avenues are some of the socially responsible tactics that the retail industry is currently employing.

Shoppers too have a role to play. With a tempting array of new fashion trends and sales deals all over the place, fast fashion has a negative impact on our environment – be it via water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and textile waste. Its focus on speed and low costs ensure quick pace of delivery to customers leading to severe pressure against the supply chain.

Luckily the solution to prevent this environmental hazard is close at hand. Responsible behavior by opting for eco-friendly fabric such as organic cotton clothing is key. With the use of azo free dyes, reduced water and energy consumption backed by recycled packaging – we can together create a green revolution and turn the industry into a profitable one – both for people and the planet.

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