NorthMist Associates with CGI, Kick-Starting “Sustainable Corporate”

NorthMist Associates with CGI, Kick-Starting “Sustainable Corporate”

CGI NorthMist Association

The global IT consulting giant, CGI, recently associated with NorthMist for the former’s Annual Meet. An IT company that has been serving its clients for almost 43 years, CGI conducted an annual meet with its stakeholders and top leaders at The Den, Whitefield.

Commemorating the attendees with organic cotton polo t-shirts in Meraki green from NorthMist, this marked the beginning of a new era for sustainable corporate clothing. The polo t-shirts were well-received for their easy make and subtle appeal.

“I am constantly hearing good things about the t-shirt. This has never happened in the past,” quoted Kala Kumari, a Senior Executive with CGI. “Your team rocks. Continue producing unique shades,” she added.

This alliance between CGI and NorthMist opens an avenue for other companies to jump on the sustainable clothing wagon.

Why the association?

CGI Annual Meet

CGI has been actively participating in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. With this alliance, they took a step towards promoting the idea of becoming a “sustainable corporate.”

Their clients were supportive of the idea of promoting eco-friendly products, rendering our efforts in making sustainable fashion mainstream a considerable success.

Organic cotton has come to the forefront of the fashion landscape over concerns for degrading environmental conditions. This variety of cotton is grown in the absence of GMO (Genetically Modified Seeds), pesticides, insecticides, and harmful chemicals. This ensures that the t-shirts constructed by us are of premium quality.

Every NorthMist t-shirt exuberates not only quality but also sustainability. The t-shirts are constructed, keeping in mind environmental factors. From using organically grown cotton to using recycled labels, we are conscious of the already limited resources and their usage.

Appreciation from the participants ensured that our motive to promote sustainable fashion was a success.

Advantages of the association

While CGI was successful in establishing itself as a “sustainable corporate,” we were able to expand our reach a little further. Most corporates realize the need to become more environmentally conscious, and CGI paved the way in style.

CGI in NorthMist T-shirts

For us, the goal is clear- to make more people understand that fashion shouldn’t come at the cost of our environment. We are facing global extinction, and now is the time to act.

As an influential corporate, CGI ‘s association with NorthMist has kick-started the initiative to make the Earth a better place on a large scale. 

Watch this video and see what they had to say about us. 

Join us in the quest to save the planet. 

If you are looking to become a sustainable corporate as well, reach us out with your queries here. 

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