Thoughtful, Responsible, Sustainable: Our Story

Thoughtful, Responsible, Sustainable: Our Story


Have you ever been passionate about something so much that you could never stop chasing it?

Well, so are we, and we ought to share our story. A story that inspires and influences you to be more mindful and sustainable. 

Who are we?

We are Northmist. Established in 2018, with the vision of being sustainable, we come with an approach that is honest, pure, and conscious. Our idea was simple- to be more than just any clothing brand.

Born out of a concern for Mother Nature, our goals are to save it from perishing any further.

We've been in the fashion industry long enough to understand the toxic consequences it has on nature and humankind. The second most polluting industry in the world, the fashion landscape is known for breeding toxic daily.

Fashion industry and pollution

The production and distribution of crops, fiber, and garments used in the industry contribute to major environmental pollution including water, soil, and air.

We couldn't let that happen to our planet just for the love of fashion, at least not anymore.

Northmist is a brand that cares. We are on a mission to break the age-old concept that fashion can't co-exist with environmental concerns. We care about fashion, and we care about the environment.

Hence, we sought to change the approach to "being in vogue." We believe that fashion is a cumulative outcome of creative minds; however, when it starts impacting the very air around us, it doesn't remain "in vogue" anymore!

Our idea is to create something that will last. Sustainable clothing that doesn't harm the environment or humankind. We started our journey from there on, trying to find the perfect symmetry between fashion and sustainable living.

And that's how we stumbled upon the most organic, breathable fabric in the fashion industry- Organic Cotton.

Our Product is eco-friendly

So, clothes that are ethical, fashionable, and that suit every skin type- our love affair with Organic Cotton was destined to happen.

Today, every piece of Northmist apparel is designed of cotton nurtured with love and care straight from the organic farms of India. Northmist offers you the best organic clothing.

All our suppliers are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, and we take great pride in being one of the few socially conscious clothing brands in the otherwise convoluted industry.

Cotton Field

Integrity is essential to ensure the achievement of fashion and environmental benefits. We aim to promote organic clothing that safeguards the environment and influences a different kind of fashion trend.

It is time we think about the future generations. It is time we leave behind a legacy that proves us humane!

Fashion can be for the conscious; fashion can be for the mindful- that is what Northmist is all about. 

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