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Have you cared about something so much, you can never stop thinking about it?

Well, so have we. and this is our story.

We are Northmist. Honest, pure and conscious, we are more than just any clothing brand.

Northmist was born out of a concern for mother nature, a wish to save it from perishing. We’ve been in the fashion industry long enough to know the toxic it breeds every day. And we couldn’t let that happen to our planet just for the love of fashion, not anymore.

Hence, Northmist, a brand that cares. We care about fashion and we care about the environment. Fashion shouldn’t be the only agenda. Fashion is an outcome of creative minds coming together but when it starts to impact the very air around us, it doesn't remain “in vogue” anymore!

Our idea was to create something that will last. Sustainable clothing that is not harmful towards the environment as well as mankind. And from there on started our journey to find the perfect balance between fashion and sustainable living.

And that’s how we stumbled upon the most organic, breathable fabric in the fashion industry- Cotton.

Organic cotton in the most non-toxic, environment- friendly material available out there. Not to mention it is very soft on the skin.

Clothes that are ethical, fashionable and that suit every skin- We were Sold. and that’s how our love affair with Organic Cotton began.

Today every piece of Northmist apparel is made out of cotton nurtured with love and care straight from the organic farms of India to give you the best in organic clothing. All our suppliers are GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and we take great pride in being one of the few socially conscious clothing brand out there.

This is why we do what we do. Our only motive is to promote the idea that organic is good, organic is the new “fashion”. It is time we think about the future generations, it is time we leave behind a legacy that proves us humane!

Fashion can be for the conscious, fashion can be for the mindful- that is what Northmist is about. That is our story.

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  • Congratulations

    Navin on
  • Great initiative.. Impressive.

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  • Good initiative. All the best.

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