How to make your wardrobe Sustainably Fashionable and Organic

How to make your wardrobe Sustainably Fashionable and Organic

With the growing affinity for a minimalist lifestyle, it is hard to not agree that 'less is more'. It's fascinating how sustainable fashion thrives on this agenda for most of its part. It stands on the building blocks of subtle styling with minimal clothing.

For decades, almost everyone jumped on the bandwagon of buying more and more, only to realize they were going to be crushed under it. Like there's a tsunami of clothes flooding from your closet but when it is time to dress up, you are all confused, overwhelmed and you give up saying 'i have nothing to wear!'. Too much closet chaos? Looking for the best solution? The answer is right here. Sustainable fashion!

All you need is to work up your own sustainable way of working around fashion and you're all set. You can play around from season to season with timeless clothing. 

Transition your way into seasons, maximize your wardrobe, and save money by entering the world of sustainability.

A Capsule wardrobe is your simplified wardrobe, that includes those clothing items that 'never go out of fashion'.

If you're looking to make your own capsule wardrobe, North Mist is a great place to start. Their range of organic cotton clothing is classy, comfortable, and affordable for your environmentally ethical wardrobe. The simplicity in their timeless products of organic cotton clothing is designed to last.

  • Reduce your purchasing. Don't buy the stuff you don't need just because it is cheap. Buy clothing that's absolutely essential, environment friendly, and of high quality. Avoid impulse buying at all costs. North mist explains how their clothes positively impact you, the workers, and the planet.
  • Everyone loves basics. It is essential for your 'capsule wardrobe'. Establish your base wardrobe. Basics like solid cotton shirts, t-shirts, or sweatshirts are a go-to for to look effortless yet stylish. North Mist comes with a range of 100% organic cotton t-shirts. That's what you need for classic clothing that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits.
  • Choose colors that are classy and simple. Basic white and black shirt and a t-shirt are a must buy. They can be styled with every single item of clothing. North mist has an amazing range of those available on its website with premium quality.
  • Not every clothing item is seasonal. Only when it comes to winters, you need to change your game. But, not just like that. Buy classic solid sweatshirts, full-sleeved t-shirts to pair with anything. An overcoat or a change in pair of bottom wear makes your winter outfit appear different every time. Check out the subtle winter wear North Mist presents you with. It's so comfortable, cozy, stylish, and eco friendly.

And there you have it, your very own wardrobe that is organic, budget-friendly, and lasts longer. Sustainable living is not as hard as you think. You just need to have a knack of it and then there's probably no going back afterward.

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