Polo Shirts - It’s Journey Into Our Hearts And Wardrobe

Polo Shirts - It’s Journey Into Our Hearts And Wardrobe

Polo shirts have made their way from the sports world to the everyday world of fashion! It has now become an embodiment of fashion on-the-go. It's subtle-simple appeal, comfortability and durability makes it the staple requirement in every men's wardrobe. You'd be surprised to not find a man who doesn't own at least 4 or 5 of these versatile and comfortable pieces. Over the years, polo shirts have earned the place as a fashion classic.

The timeless fashion that it represents is because of innumerable benefits it comes with.

  1. Polo shirts suit all body types. You can have any body type and still rock the polo shirts.
  2. The best part about polo shirts is that they can be worn anywhere. It can be a casual day out with friends, some random weekend party you have to go to, as semi formals for your office wear or just when you go out for a walk. Choose your polo and you're good to go! Effortless and stylish, and works like a charm. 
  3. You can wear a polo shirt and style it with trousers or pants - chinos, jeans and even suit trousers. You can dress it up or dress it down, according to you, it is that simple. Because even if it is a  mens long sleeve polo shirts or a short sleeve polo shirt, they all look good and classy paired with any of the bottom wears. 
  4. Not just bottom wear, you can experiment with it by wearing it underneath a jacket. Color coordinate the polo shirt with the jacket and you're good to go!
  5. If you don't like experimenting a lot and wish to play safe, polo shirts are your safe way out. 
  6. Because of its popularity, polo shirts come in abundance. Be it mens half sleeve or mens long sleeve polo shirts, every company has their own collection and they bring out a variety of materials to choose from.


And that's it! Our essential guide to why owning polo shirts is the best is complete. So why not get started on your search for the ultimate polo shirt with North Mist. Whatever your preference of a polo shirt, Northmist is always available to help you find the right one for you, be it color or style that works the best for you. With a wide range of polo shirts, we have mens half sleeve polo shirts for a fresh,simple yet stylish look. But with the onset of fall and winter, our collection comprises men full sleeve polo shirts with a vibrant and subtle range of colors to choose from and look effortless even in winters. Not that just, the colors we bring in are mostly solids that are timeless and classics to choose and wearable for every occasion in your life.

Whether you buy polo shirts often or not, we are here to guide you in the right direction. A polo shirt is an essential in your wardrobe. Buying a few solids with simple colors make way for a wardrobe that lasts you the longest and doesn't go out of fashion! Not just that, we not only care about styling you in the best suited way possible but work on comfortability as well. Our polo shirts are eco friendly, 100% organic cotton, the kind of material that's softer and more comfortable so that you can wear it with ease. We work on affordability and providing our customers the best from the best at a price range that's pocket friendly and makes you stylish at the same time! 

So, why not get started on your search for your polo shirts with Northmist today.

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