Let's Travel In The World Of Fashion: Rise Of Sustainable Fashion

Let's Travel In The World Of Fashion: Rise Of Sustainable Fashion

The upheavals in the environment during the past few years have been an awakening call that we can't take our life on Earth for granted. It is sheer ignorance if we think that one person can't harm the environment. Believe me when I say this, but with a population of 7 billion people in the world, every single gesture from each human being counts for something.

The wake up call has already led people in numbers from everywhere to enter the world of sustainable fashion. You know why? Because the fashion industry alone is responsible for being the world's second largest contributor to pollution and climate change. The long overdue change of the fashion industry, from labor abuse to environment degradation, is finally upscaling and surfacing. Sustainable clothing is becoming increasingly popular, the global fashion search platform Lyst saw a huge 47% increase in sustainability-related keywords in user searches. Things like, ‘vegan leather’, ‘organic cotton’ and ‘econyl’ were the most popular.

Don't panic. It's organic! 

We can all agree that responsible thinking is the new normal now.

Thankfully, big and small clothing manufacturers alike are realizing, there are plenty of ways to sell fashionable clothing and accessories that don’t destroy the environment, endanger workers, or cause suffering to animals.

And the best part is there’s no shortage of them to choose from.

The realisation of sustainability in clothing is the result of the uprising demand. As more celebrities, influencers and people who care about the planet are stepping in, the consumer demand for organic clothing is increasing and so is its production.

The Green Carpet Challenge that was started a decade ago, by Livia Firth, a fierce warrior of eco fashion is now gaining so much popularity because of celebrities stepping up to take the responsibility and this amazing initiative. This challenge exquisitely demonstrates that fashion ethics and aesthetics can co exist. Emma Watson wrote '.... it proves the power that creativity, technology and fashion can have together.', for her Calvin Klein organic dress for the Green Carpet Challenge at the Met Gala.

Not just this, sustainable fashion is gaining popularity in all its forms. If it is about buying organic clothes, it is also about sustaining those pieces of clothing by reusing, renting, reforming and reinventing. 

Along with brands and celebrities, the fashion bloggers also hold a front row position when it comes to influencing the people. More and more bloggers are getting into clothing sustainably. You will find bloggers telling innovative ways to style just one piece of clothing into multiple ways and this has become a captivating trend among fashion enthusiasts.

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