Color Combinations You Need to Know About: a la Nature

Color Combinations You Need to Know About: a la Nature

Nature colors

Selecting the right color combination of clothes can be frustrating and infuriating. While many depend on their intuition, many go with the latest trends. 

However, the result created might not be satisfactory at all. There are a few hues, which work wonders when put in contrast. And a few palettes work only when they are put together with complementary colors. Even if you find two colors that get paired right, there starts the dilemma of not putting print over print, choosing colors that match your skin undertones. 

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Too much confusion, eh? 

Well, here is the trick. Look around you. Yes, nature is the best place to get your color inspiration. 

Colorful flowers

If you are looking to spark your fashion creativity, you need to check out the extensive palette that Mother Nature has to offer. 

Both the plant and animal kingdom started experimenting with color combinations some 540 million years ago, during the period known as the Cambrian Explosion. And the result of this time, magnificent diversity in colors. From camouflaging to attracting mates, everything in nature is all about standing out and creating a differentiating effect.  

Don’t believe me? 

Well, we have put together some of the most common shades and how you can team them by taking inspiration from nature. Go through some of the most stunning hues that nature has to offer that can inspire your fashion creativity to the epitome of eye-catching triumph. 

Colors that go with Grey and Black 

Grey Crew Neck

The most basic shades available, grey and black constitute a maximum of everyone’s wardrobe. To successfully pair your grey t-shirts, you need to analyze the shade of grey first. For instance, if your t-shirt is that of a light grey shade, you can team it with other light hues like white, pink, and blue. In the case of dark grey, opt for darker tones, including black and maroon. 

Black polo neck

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As for pairing your black clothes, it is the versatility that wins the day. There is no shade of doubt that black goes well with almost all other colors. However, some are more traditional in their approach compared to others. 

Putting together black and white is ideally the best thing you can do. Creating a striking contrast, these two shades are the perfect example of opposites attract. To balance black, you can opt for both lighter tones like pink and baby blue. Or go bold with red for a striking accent. 

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Colors that go with Green and Mustard 

Apart from being great additions to your wardrobe, both green and mustard can be surprisingly versatile. Earthy in their appeal, these shades are a perfect reflection of everything amazing with nature’s color game. 

Mustard polo neck

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Green hues, along with mustard, are the most flattering for gents. When pairing green, you need to avoid making any clashes — black, brown, burgundy, and navy partner with it the best. 

Mustard crew neck

As for mustard, you can keep a bright appearance by pairing it with other basics such as white. For a flattering appeal, you can opt for vibrant shades such as burgundy, black, and navy, as well. 

Colors that go with Maroon

Maroon crew neck

This shade is one of the most recurring in a man’s wardrobe and nature. And teaming it with other colors might come across as the most difficult. However, here is a pointer, when wearing maroon, be mindful of the combination. 

Maroon works best with the rich-tones of beige and brown. A little trick- teaming maroon with navy clothes can complement your overall appeal. 

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Colors that go with Blue

Another recurring shade that has made its way into the wardrobe over the years, blue is available in abundance. Every little thing contains a hint of blue in it. Don’t believe me? Look around you, and you will see. 

Slate blue polo neck

When teaming blue, you need to pick appropriate shades. From turquoise to navy, blue has many forms, and you should acquaint yourself with each to get the right appeal. However, avoid pairing any shade of blue with black because it feels dark. 

Instead, opt for white or beige. White and blue is always a winning blend. Lighter shades of blue look great with bright pink, creating a gentle appeal. Touches of maroon can also add sophistication to your blue look. 

Colors that go with Pink

Pink polo neck

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Most men avoid pink. Why do you ask? Well, because they are unsure about how to team it. Again pink comes in many shades. To evade confusion, it is always better to pick t-shirts in light pink. The lighter tone is more versatile and is easier to combine. 

To nail the look, partner your pink apparel with grey, blue, tan, beige, or white. 

If you want something more vibrant, try wearing your pink with navy or dark grey. 

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Colors that go with White

When you wear white sparingly, it works with a wide range of colors. All over white is quite a classy combination and requires no styling. 

White crew neck

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In general, tones such as black and blue work the best with black. If you are in the mood for a daring appeal, you can opt for pink, beige, or even brown to team with your white. 

Warmer tones also look great with white, depending on the kind of occasion you are planning to attend. 

At a Glance 

  • Make sure to balance your colors 
  • Pair bold colors with neutral tones to avoid clashing 
  • Team lighter tones with darker hues and vice versa 
  • Avoid combining dark colors with darker shades. Opt for lighter tones to create a smart appearance

So, the next time you are not sure what to wear, just take a look around you and you will know exactly what you need to do.

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